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why personal trainers should understand biomechanics

Why personal trainers should study biomechanics

For personal trainers, what does biomechanics provide that could possibly be useful?

understand biomechanics

Understand biomechanics? Let’s explore the tug of war..

Understanding biomechanics gives you real, tangible and objective data

Dumbbell vs cable lateral raises

Dumbbell vs cable lateral raises put to the test

Roberta Watts puts cable versus dumbbell lateral raises to the test

exploring personal training

Exploring personal training in our Lab Time sessions!

Education is a huge part of what we do. We love exploring personal training.

resistance training principles

Resistance training principles – it’s not just choreography

It's about following and applying the rules of physics to the body.

exercise specialist - cook or chef?

Are you a cook or a chef?

As an exercise specialist, what are you?

diet and inflammation

Diet and inflammation – is there a connection?

In the past couple of years, inflammation has been a major buzz word in nutrition circles.

The split squat and the knee over toe conundrum

The ‘knee over toe’ conundrum has been around for a long time.

chronic pain disorders

Chronic pain disorders explored by Professor Lorimer Moseley

Investigating the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders.

evidence based practice

How credible is evidence-based practice?

Clinical decision making backed by scientific evidence gives both patient and practitioner confidence.