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21 JunDowntime & Recuperation For Better Results

We live in a ‘more is better’ culture, where a higher degree of effort or exertion reaps more significant rewards. This…

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21 MarActive Range Of Motion

What is the proper way to perform any exercise? They say: “You must go full range of motion.” We say: “Of…

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01 MarTop Tips To Avoid Hunger

Losing body fat is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. The mechanisms of fat loss are clear, yet many of…

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31 MayWhy Eat Protein at Every Meal?

When it comes to pursuing our goals, we’re often drawn to a “quick-fix” that delivers instant gratification. However, research and practical…

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17 MayUnderstanding Stress: In Life and Exercise

Too much stress can be detrimental to our health. Yet, so can too little. Most frequently, we complain about having too…

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03 AprFive ways to avoid training injuries

No one wants to be injured. It’s often painful. It can slow down your potential to achieve results and, frankly, it’s…

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Hidden calories could be sneaking into your daily intake and sabotaging your fat loss attempts. We're here to help you overcome this.

19 MarHidden Calories

You’re doing everything right. You’re training 3-5 times per week, eating balanced meals, Sleeping well. Yet, there’s a problem: you’re not losing…

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09 MarThe Effects Of Sleep On Fat Loss

You know the feeling the morning after a fitful night’s sleep or a redeye flight? It’s like you’ve been drugged; your…

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bespoke personal training

09 NovGQ puts our personal training method to the test

‘I’m preparing mentally and physically for the pain that I expect will be inflicted upon me…’

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gym tips for runners

05 NovIntegra’s gym tips for runners featured in Runner’s World

Roberta Watts’ top tips on choosing gym machines and why you must adapt not mimic.

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