Anatomy Lab


The Anatomy Lab will make you a better trainer, give you the tools to train creatively, and help you achieve the best results for any client.

We apply forces to our clients, in order to achieve results. The more we understand anatomy, the more we can improve our clients’ results.

As personal trainers, our role in helping an array of clients should start with an understanding of joint and muscle functions.

During this one-day Anatomy Lab course, we will cover:

  • Structural components of the spine/trunk, lower extremity and upper extremity
  • Muscular attachments
  • Joint function and available joint motions
  • Internal moment arms and their effect on strength profile

So many common exercise protocols lack a biomechanical platform:

  • How can we talk about “full range of motion” without knowing what that full range means?
  • How can we properly maintain muscle tension without knowing where the muscles attach?
  • How do we know what we are actually assessing when performing a range of motion or movement assessment?

In the Anatomy Lab, we’ll expand our knowledge of the body and better equip ourselves to tailor training to a variety of needs, from stimulating muscle development, to minimising joint forces or improving performance.

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  • Amazing place to learn. What Michael and the team teach isn’t a “course” that so much of the industry pushes. It’s a way of thinking, a mindset, a thought process that is continually evolving as a life long learner.

    Gregg Slater
    Head of Education, Lift The Bar
  • Absolutely great place to go and learn really valuable things to be able to use with clients in their training as well as my own. The team are great and full of knowledge and always happy and willing to help!

    Lewis Giles
    Personal Trainer
  • Very good courses – I always learn something! Michael is an amazing teacher and is very easy to learn from and full of knowledge!

    Ruadhan Jenkins
    Personal Trainer
The Anatomy Lab will expand your knowledge of the body and your ability to adapt training needs, from stimulating muscle development to minimising joint forces to improving performance. Click through to learn more.