Exercise Design Lab


Understanding the variables of exercise is one thing, using them with clients is another. Whether you’re a personal trainer specialising in fat loss, rehab or strength-based goals – the effectiveness of your exercise choices can dictate your client’s results.

In this one day Exercise Design workshop, we will use real life case studies from Integra clients to cover:

  • The strength profile during an exercise
  • Designing an exercise that offers a full range challenge
  • How can we improve the exercise, based upon the desired outcome
  • Exercise setup
  • Exercise cues for the best performance (goal dependant)

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From performance-based goals, to general fitness, to developing strength and resilience whilst avoiding joint wear-and-tear, we see a wide range of clients. The goal of this workshop is to leave you prepared to train all of them.

During each Exercise Design Lab, we will be building exercises, analysing some of the ‘best’ exercises in the industry, and busting some traditional myths along the way. As well as investigating each individual’s ability to execute each exercise. Our goal is to move on from generalised protocols, personal exercise biases and a “just do it” philosophy to a customised version of personal training.

I will present the brief. You have to figure out what questions you need answering before designing exercises for these individuals.

You will be exploring in small groups. You’ll have to decide on a direction, then you will be training a client from another group.

And it’s timed… because you don’t get 3 hours to figure this stuff out during sessions with your client.

This course is practical, bring your training gear, your ideas & questions and prepare to get stuck in.

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  • Amazing place to learn. What Michael and the team teach isn’t a “course” that so much of the industry pushes. It’s a way of thinking, a mindset, a thought process that is continually evolving as a life long learner.

    Gregg Slater
    Head of Education, Lift The Bar
  • Very good courses – I always learn something! Michael is an amazing teacher and is very easy to learn from and full of knowledge!

    Ruadhan Jenkins
    Personal Trainer
Come to the Exercise Design Lab, where we build exercises, analyse the industry's so-called best exercises, bust myths and investigate individual ability. Click through to learn more!