We are big believers that we need to understand the science, but if we can’t apply it with our clients, no-one benefits.

At Integra’s #LabTime sessions, we put away the books and manuals to explore and experience all the ways we can manipulate exercise.

  • How many different ways can we stimulate a particular muscle?
  • How can we modify the resistance profile?
  • How can I affect this muscle whilst minimising joint forces?
  • How does this feel when I go to momentary muscular failure?
  • What happens if…?
  • We look at all of the different ways that we can manipulate our verbal cues, our touch, visual and auditory feedback.

We know there’s no one way to perform an exercise: with the multiple levels of variability on offer in the body and between each client, the better we are able to master these variables… the closer we are to becoming exercise experts. And when we experience it ourselves, it becomes so much easier to deliver the best client experience.

If exercise was never special to you, how are you going to make it special to your clients?Tom Purvis, RTS

Lab Time for Exercise Professionals

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  • Amazing place to learn. What Michael and the team teach isn’t a “course” that so much of the industry pushes. It’s a way of thinking, a mindset, a thought process that is continually evolving as a life long learner.

    Gregg Slater
    Head of Education, Lift The Bar
  • Absolutely great place to go and learn really valuable things to be able to use with clients in their training as well as my own. The team are great and full of knowledge and always happy and willing to help!

    Lewis Giles
    Personal Trainer
  • Very good courses – I always learn something! Michael is an amazing teacher and is very easy to learn from and full of knowledge!

    Ruadhan Jenkins
    Personal Trainer
  • Everything they do at Integra is well thought out, personalised and explained in a way which everyone can understand, thats why I love it there. They have a great environment, I feel comfortable to ask as many questions I can think of knowing the answers I will get from the team are reliable and will eduate me too.

    Dan Giles
    Personal Trainer
  • Integra offers the blueprint for the education fitness professional. I’ve attended all 3 RTS weekends and many #LabTime sessions and I love how it changes the way I view exercise and what I can achieve with my clients.

    Ryan T.
    Personal Trainer
  • Still getting my head around all the incredible information I gained this past weekend on the Resistance Training Specialist – Upper Extremity day with from Integra. Quite literally the best course/weekend I’ve ever experienced as a PT/coach. Anyone wanting to call themselves a personal trainer needs to get booked onto the RTS courses.

    Luke Hoffman
    Personal Trainer / Physique Coach