The Resistance Training Specialist® Program


From strength to cardio, function to body composition, Pilates to powerlifting, stretching to bodybuilding, all exercise is based upon the mechanics of force and the joints of the body.

The Resistance Training Specialist program can be seen as an adjunct to your current certifications, degrees, etc… Allowing you to step away from soundbites and pre-determined protocols, which do not work for every client, and move towards an objective analysis of the tools you use and the way you apply them. General protocols are out: we strive for an authentic understanding of the human body, exercise and results.

The RTS Practical program will help you develop your knowledge of the body, the skills of assessment, exercise analysis and exercise execution. You will learn how to tailor exercise specifically to your client’s needs, goals and expectations.

We have worked with some of the UK and Europe’s top personal trainers, to help them deliver a service and results that exceeds their client’s expectation.

Note: The RTS Practical program is split into three modules; you must start with module one. This means you will have just three opportunities to take the RTS Practical in 2018.

The RTS Program is £1800 for all three modules. Look out for the early bird offers of just £1500 for the full six days.

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  • Exercise Mechanics

    Structure Labs: The shape, function and interrelationships of the various structures, both generally and specific to the individual to your client. In-depth exploration of Spine/Trunk, Lower Extremity, & Upper Extremity Mechanics empowering you to avoid common myths and misconceptions that hinder success.

    Force: Explore the influence of the many types of force that are present in exercise: from joint forces, to the resistance-muscular response relationship, to the influence of inertia, friction and restraint. Learn why a 10Kg dumbbell is never 10Kg of resistance. Understand strength profiles and create appropriate resistance profiles.

    Orchestration: Explore motor recruitment solutions and the process of orchestration: the organisation of contraction. The keys to understanding function, performance, compensation and the continuum from isolated to integrated action.

  • Practical Application

    Assessments: Learn why postural and functional assessments do not provide the answers they pretend to. Develop a process of exercise specific assessments and constant monitoring during each repetition to ensure unbiased decision making to modify, adjust, allow, regress, progress, or abort

    Warm up: Get specific with the “warm up” by learning the CT version: PPFC – Progressive Preparation for Challenge including the manual skills of CSI – Contraction Sensitivity Isometrics, a powerful and appropriate alternative to stretching.

    Strategic and Precise Exercise Delivery: Learn the necessity, details, and power of client feedback as well as the continuous monitoring skills required to make advanced decisions that can propel progress and maximise results to reach goals without the frustration of injury or delays of overtraining.

  • Unbiased Decision Making

    Continuum Training®: 25 years in development, CT is the bulletproof thought process that takes underlying scientific principles and empowers you to devise and progress appropriately, from basic function to improved performance, for every possible client.

    Custom Fit Exercise®: Generic exercises based upon protocols are not optimal. Learn how to perform exercise specific assessments and evaluate existing exercises to accurately determine those most appropriate for a given individual on a given day. Identify the effects of an individual’s structure on squats and how to customise set-up and execution

    G.O.T.E. – Goal of the Exercise: Define the G.O.T.E., because progression often demands that the most appropriate exercise look nothing like the end goal.


  • Amazing place to learn. What Michael and the team teach isn’t a “course” that so much of the industry pushes. It’s a way of thinking, a mindset, a thought process that is continually evolving as a life long learner.

    Gregg Slater
    Head of Education, Lift The Bar
  • Absolutely great place to go and learn really valuable things to be able to use with clients in their training as well as my own. The team are great and full of knowledge and always happy and willing to help!

    Lewis Giles
    Personal Trainer
  • Very good courses – I always learn something! Michael is an amazing teacher and is very easy to learn from and full of knowledge!

    Ruadhan Jenkins
    Personal Trainer
  • Everything they do at Integra is well thought out, personalised and explained in a way which everyone can understand, thats why I love it there. They have a great environment, I feel comfortable to ask as many questions I can think of knowing the answers I will get from the team are reliable and will eduate me too.

    Dan Giles
    Personal Trainer
  • Integra offers the blueprint for the education fitness professional. I’ve attended all 3 RTS weekends and many #LabTime sessions and I love how it changes the way I view exercise and what I can achieve with my clients.

    Ryan T.
    Personal Trainer
  • Still getting my head around all the incredible information I gained this past weekend on the Resistance Training Specialist – Upper Extremity day with from Integra. Quite literally the best course/weekend I’ve ever experienced as a PT/coach. Anyone wanting to call themselves a personal trainer needs to get booked onto the RTS courses.

    Luke Hoffman
    Personal Trainer / Physique Coach

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