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The original exercise mechanics course that has inspired many. Exercise mechanics is the study of structure & anatomy, forces, and orchestration. RTS is the education program that brings this knowledge together and focuses on the practical application and unbiased decision making required to step away from soundbites and pre-determined protocols, which do not work for every client, and move towards an objective analysis of the tools you use and the way you apply them.


The RTS Practical program will help you develop your knowledge of the body, the skills of assessment, exercise analysis and exercise execution. You will learn how to tailor exercise specifically to your client’s needs, goals and expectations.

We have worked with some of the UK and Europe’s top personal trainers, to help them deliver a service and results that exceeds their client’s expectation.

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  • Structure Labs: The shape, function and interrelationships of the various structures, both generally and specific to the individual to your client. In-depth exploration of Spine/Trunk, Lower Extremity, & Upper Extremity Mechanics empowering you to avoid common myths and misconceptions that hinder success.
  • Force: Explore the influence of the many types of force that are present in exercise: from joint forces, to the resistance-muscular response relationship, to the influence of inertia, friction and restraint. Learn why a 10Kg dumbbell is never 10Kg of resistance. Understand strength profiles and create appropriate resistance profiles.
  • Orchestration: Explore motor recruitment solutions and the process of orchestration: the organisation of contraction. The keys to understanding function, performance, compensation and the continuum from isolated to integrated action.

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Note: Foundations of Exercise Mechanics is now live. We highly recommend taking this workshop prior to taking the RTS course. Find out more here.

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