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Exercise Rehab

When Prescribed Properly, Exercise Can Be The Single Most Powerful Tool To Enhance Your Health, Fitness And Performance

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With patience comes progression. With support comes strength.

Since 1997, our specialist team have combined their expertise in anatomy, biomechanics, and resistance training to help a diverse range of clients back to peak performance. Through a made-to-measure exercise program, we will gradually rebuild your strength and encourage a sustained commitment to self-improvement.



We will never rush you on the road to recovery.

Instead, we’ll determine the best approach based on your injury, anatomy and tolerance for activity. Through a series of one-to-one sessions, our exercise professionals will ensure each movement you make is helping rather than hurting the healing process. Starting with your joints and muscles, we will guide you through our process of restoring, improving, and building your range of motion, strength, and stability.

With an intelligent, measured approach, our exercise specialists will help you get back in the game in no time.


Our specialist team don’t deal in quick-fixes or off the shelf solutions. We believe that the best results come from bespoke fitness plans; exercise programs made to meet the needs and ambitions of each individual.

The first step is to understand what your body is going through. Do you feel stiff or sore? Are you suffering from chronic pain, ongoing muscular strain or postural injury that is impacting on the quality of your life? Our job is to identify which exercises will not only ease your symptoms but resolve the underlying cause.

From here, we will guide you through a step-by-step program based on the severity and stage of your injury. As progression allows, we will incorporate more joints and muscles, with more complexity to the movements you perform.

In the short-term, our primary focus is recovery and rehabilitation. Moving forward, our custom exercise programs are designed to reduce the risk of future injury and provide you with the tools and insight to enhance your performance and improve your lifestyle.