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With increased fitness & strength comes confidence, resilience, freedom to achieve your bravest goals.


We work with clients who are looking to improve the quality of their life, be able to do more, look better naked, slow down the ageing process, improve joint and muscle function and achieve results in an efficient manner. The core Integra Method enables all of these and more.

We focus on designing exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. We improve one piece at a time, and as progression allows, we will incorporate more pieces and more complexity.

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The Paradox of Choice

For many of us, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting exercise regimes, nutrition plans and paradigms for a healthy lifestyle.

Our job is to coach you.

From the initial consultation, to progressing through the Integra phases, our goal is to select the right exercises, nutritional approaches and lifestyle choices, at the right time, to suit your body, mind and lifestyle to provide you with sustainable, long-term results.

This is not the typical approach


We don't follow tradition or gurus.


We don't follow tradition or gurus.

We follow the rules of the body, your body. We assess, find weakness, strengthen each piece, effectively building your body to perform better in whatever life adventure you want to do.

We help you to reach your potential.

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What our clients say

Gregg Slater
Head of Education, Lift The Bar

Amazing place to learn. What Michael and the team teach isn’t a “course” that so much of the industry pushes.

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Lewis Giles
Personal Trainer

Absolutely great place to go and learn really valuable things to be able to use with clients in their training as well as my own.

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Ruadhan Jenkins
Personal Trainer

Very good courses – I always learn something! Michael is an amazing teacher and is very easy to learn from and full of knowledge!

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Dan Giles
Personal Trainer

Everything they do at Integra is well thought out, personalised and explained in a way which everyone can understand, thats why I love it there.

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Stuart Farmer

Integra’s team of highly professional and friendly team of experts are great at developing an all encompassing individual plan of

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Dynamic Sports Academy

At DSA, we send lots of our athletes to Integra to get their injuries treated, and we get them back

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Sarah Thomson

As a long-time sufferer of acute joint pain I am always a bit panicky about gyms: most either push me

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Carolina Vicente

Great team of very knowledgeable professionals, who totally changed my outlook on training and helped me put a plan in

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Ryan T.

Integra offers the blueprint for the education fitness professional. I’ve attended all 3 RTS weekends and many #LabTime sessions and

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Kelly D.

I have trained with trainers for a long time now and some of the things Michael has got me to

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MSc Biomechanics, University of Roehampton
Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist – RTSm (roster)
Force and the Nervous System (level 1 and Level 2), Neurophysiology Seminars – Myotopia
RTS – Mastery Level Electives
RTS – Equipment Analysis
Motor Learning: Moving from “Motor Patterns” to Motor Recruitment Realities – Paul Juris, PhD / RTS