Blank Float Class

“Integra is unlike any other gym or exercise methodology I’ve ever encountered before. They do almost no marketing, their exclusive list of clients mostly come via word-of-mouth…”



At Integra, our aim is to help you reach your full potential, but we aren’t here to sell you an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, we use our expertise to craft bespoke personal training strategies that reflect your ability, your anatomy and your ambition.

Our clients are innovators, creatives and leaders in their field. They come to Integra to build both the physical and mental strength they need to reach the top of their game.

We love building strong working relationships with likeminded individuals who are in it for the long-term. Our approach inspires transformation of the mind as well as the body; it encourages a new way of thinking and feeling in regard to exercise, lifestyle choices and wellbeing.