“Exercise is all about the individual. It gives you freedom…”

Martina finds the perfect balance between science and intuition. With a background in analytical education, she uses principles over protocols to ensure her clients’ success is sustainable.


Martina was born in Rome but first joined a gym as a teenager in Romania to help manage a physical condition. She continued to exercise through her years as a student, gaining a Masters degree and PhD in Quantum Physics. Now, as a qualified and experienced Resistance Training Specialists (RTS) practitioner, she blends meticulous preparation and analysis with an intuitive awareness of her clients’ needs.

What struck Martina about her early studies in fitness was the emphasis on protocols and not principles. In comparison to the bespoke approach of Integra, traditional fitness training had often felt more like painting by numbers. Tailoring your training to the individual client requires creative thinking, personal engagement and a deep understanding of physiology.

As a part of the Integra team since 2010, Martina has consistently helped clients gain focus and engagement in their exercise. With varied strategic sessions, she creates a solid platform of strength, joint stability and control that lets clients achieve long-term, sustainable goals.

But Martina’s attitude toward health and fitness goes beyond the physical. With the courage and commitment of her clients, she is able to find the link between physical well-being and emotional happiness. Every client is an individual, and Martina’s passion and personality let her engage and connect with people in a way that sees them gain vitality.

Martina wants to get you where you want to be with the least amount of stress. A keen balance of rationale and instinct are the key to finding the freedom that her clients aspire to.


  • PhD Quantum Physics, Entanglement and quantum information transfer in arrays of interacting quantum systems, University of London
  • MSci Astronomy and Physics, University College London
  • International Baccalaureate, Liceo Scientifico Archimede, Rome
  • RTS123 - Resistance Training Specialist
  • RTS Practical - Resistance Training Specialist
  • Force and the Nervous System (level 1), Neurophysiology Seminars - Myotopia
  • Associate Integral Coach - ICC
  • MAT™ Jumpstart - Muscle Activation Techniques
  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Coach
  • Personal Trainer Award, YMCA London. Includes:
    • Exercise Nutrition
    • Client Fitness Assessment
    • Introductory Sports Massage Qualification, London School of Sports Massage.

Current Study

  • The Pain Picture - Exploring Complex Pain States
  • Exercise Programming Strategies for Strength & Hypertrophy








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