“If you want to achieve something, I like to know why…”

Roberta is committed to enhancing health with exercise. A natural communicator brimming with energy, whose dedication to her clients embodies the Integra approach.


For Roberta Watts, working for Integra means being the very best that she can be. It means learning, listening and striving to build relationships with her clients to see them through the journey from assessment and preparation to delivering on their goals.

From an early age, Roberta took to personal training as a way of bettering herself. In her youth, she used exercise to shed unwanted body fat, but her experiences with off-the-rack programmes left her dissatisfied and searching for a more intelligent, physiological approach that would deliver the sustainable, injury-free physical and mental well-being she wanted.

When Roberta found Integra and the RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) program, the tailored, assessment-led approach helped her to achieve all the things that other personal trainers couldn’t. Roberta was still working with a personal trainer while she studied how to train people herself. She then joined the Integra team in 2015 and has since worked with a wide variety of clients, helping to educate them in the ability of exercise to change lives.

Thanks to her appetite for knowledge and practise, she’s now on her way to achieving her Mastery Level RTS qualification. By listening to her clients she can communicate perfectly the best way for them to achieve what they want to achieve.

Throughout the assessment, preparation, testing and training phases of every client’s unique journey, Roberta delivers fun and engaging sessions routinely rooted in purpose, because thinking about why we do something is the key to training the right way.


  • RTS Practical – Resistance Training Specialist
  • Force and the Nervous System (level 1), Neurophysiology Seminars – Myotopia
  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training, inc:
    • Nutrition for Weight loss and Sports

Current Study

  • Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist – RTSm
  • Precision Nutrition – Level 1
  • Primal Blueprint Certification










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