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We work with a variety of athletes such as runners and triathletes of all levels (from weekend recreational to elite-level ultra-endurance athletes), to those involved in sports such as cycling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tennis and bodybuilding.

  • Are you looking to fine tune your body to maximise your training and performance?
  • Are you looking to reduce your risk of injury?
  • Do you feel that stiffness or pain is holding you back?

We integrate several key tools designed to evaluate and raise the threshold of your muscular system. We begin the process of restoring, improving, and maintaining your range of motion, strength, and stability. We focus on designing exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. We improve one piece at a time, and as progression allows, we will incorporate more pieces and more complexity.

Through optimising your muscular system, by improving your strength, we can see measurable improvements in your performance, whilst reducing your risk of injury.

Our job is not to improve the skill of cycling, running or swimming – you can get a coach that is specific to those sports – our job is to improve each piece of your body: each joint, muscle and more – to help you become bulletproof against injury and improve your performance. So you can keep doing the things you love.
Michael Goulden, Director, Integra

This is not the typical approach:

  • We don’t mimic sporting motions
  • We don’t follow tradition or gurus
  • We don’t follow the rules of exercise

We follow the rules of the body, your body. We assess, find weakness, strengthen each piece, effectively building your body to perform better in whatever sporting / athletic adventure you want to perform better in.

We help you reach your potential.

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  • Integra’s team of highly professional and friendly team of experts are great at developing an all encompassing individual plan of exercises and treatment.

    Since starting with them, I’ve got PBs from 5k up to marathon, and I certainly credit a lot of this improvement to working with them. I thoroughly recommend them.

    Stuart Farmer
  • At DSA, we send lots of our athletes to Integra to get their injuries treated, and we get them back quicker and in great condition compared to other treatments our athletes had tried in the past.

    I highly recommend Integra for both injury recovery and performance enhancement.

    Dynamic Sports Academy
  • I went to see Michael at Integra and within a very short time, I started becoming fitter and more importantly started losing weight! After my sessions had finished I had lost well over 2 stone and was fitter than I had ever been!

    More importantly I started playing cricket again. I had the season of my life and even won the Wisden Cricketer Magazine: Player of the Year for 2006 – I attribute this to being far fitter thanks to Michael!

    Gary Steadman
  • The guys at Integra always talk about figuring out the pieces of the puzzle helps them get results. Without a doubt, Integra is the piece of the puzzle that has allowed me to continue playing to the level I’m at within my sport.

  • I’ve just completed my first barefoot half marathon. The 3 months previous to this I was seeing Michael who helped me gain new found strength in my hips, especially in my calves and feet. After a few sessions I felt I was able to push my running to the next level, allowing me to smash my PB!

    An added bonus: I noticed I was hitting the ball a lot further on the golf course, it’s just a shame he can’t sort out my putting!

    Dave V
  • I am really enjoying the strength and conditioning work with Michael and can definitely feel the benefit transferring over to my bike and run.

    I now don’t have the aches and pains I have been experiencing and my running performance in particular has really improved.

    Mike R
  • Thank you so much for the sessions pre-FireFlies tour and during. Every time I came to see you I went away feeling stronger and my legs certainly lasted the tour.

    I find what you do really interesting because it worked every time. I won’t forget coming to see you at the end of one of the stages with a terrible pain in my hamstring. The pain disappeared after our session, never to return. Magic. I felt ready to get on the bike after every session, even though I had just done over 100km!

    Thanks also for making me believe my knee would cope, you were right. It was great to have you guys around and because you’re able to cure all my problems, I seem to be a little bit addicted.

    Lindsey Stopp
  • I was highly skeptical of this being a new fad from the US, but I was impressed.

    Very astute analysis of muscular problems, and with very simple treatment and exercises, my knee problem is greatly improved.

    I Highly recommend it.

    Duncan Schwier
  • I had one session with Michael, more out of curiosity than necessity and was intrigued from the very beginning. The common sense, logical approach to their techniques seem so obvious, that it is hard to believe I hadn’t had this treatment before.

    Michael was able to show me where and why my knees might be hurting and manipulated the relevant parts to remedy this – it had the desired effect. In the very short time that he had with me and I with them, it was a very satisfactory solution to cycling pain!

    Thanks for coming on the ride!

    Dom Seymour
  • I have had lower back pain for the last 20 years – and it has always become acute while riding long distances and in particular climbing. The only solution had been pain killers.

    During the Fireflies tour I received treatment from Michael and Rui. I could never have expected to ride pain free after only a few sessions of treatment. I still cannot believe it after 20 years – it is simply incredible to be riding completely pain free.

    Getting the muscles to fire in the correct sequence was the program and it has worked 100%. I can’t thank the Integra guys enough for their sessions – you have changed my life!

    Cheers Guys!

    Wilf Sweetland
  • I first did the tour last year – and suffered quite heavily with knee problems during and after the ride, to the extent that I was unable to cycle (I could barely walk!) for several weeks after the ride.

    This year I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Integra guys a couple of times before the ride, plus during the course of tour, it was great to have the guys there at the end of each arduous day, not only was it good to get Integra ‘on the fly’ but also their general helpful demeanour and understanding was really reassuring to our weary souls.

    Integra certainly seems to have a multitude of advantages over traditional physio and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any distance athletes or others considering a similar challenge.

    Chris Page
  • Michael and Rui both worked on my back and legs during the 2013 Fireflies Tour (my third). After each session my leg strength and core stability felt switched on, despite cycling between 120-180km each day, over 8 days in total.

    The techniques they applied switched on my fatigued muscles in a way I could never achieve myself (despite stretching, rolling and countless massages!!)

    During this Fireflies Tour I felt at my most strong by far compared to the two prior years, particularly in the latter part of the ride when my body previously had started to shut down with imbalances and niggling injuries starting to appear.

    Testimony to this, was my speedy recovery in 2 weeks and ability to perform at the top of my game at the Frankfurt European Championship 2013 Ironman! I can’t recommend MAT enough for the aspiring athlete!

    Alicia Bamford
    FireFlies / Queen of the Mountains
  • I began this year’s ride with a chronic back condition, existing purely on painkillers from the Doc.

    Then the Integra guys stepped in.

    Quite simply, they solved the problem as though it had never existed. They are geniuses. They have hands of magic and wonder. I cannot eulogise about them enough. Simply brilliant.

    Tim Katz
  • Suspend disbelief, this works.

    25 years of intense, competitive sports has given me the back of an osteo/chiro’s bank balance dream. I knew the back pain I was going to suffer from spending 10 hours a day in the saddle was going to be more painful than anything going on in my legs and lungs climbing the mountains and came prepared with some heavy duty perscription drugs.

    True to form, by end of day 2 of the tour, my back was seizing up. In a way that had only been effectively treated with a few weeks of rest and regular visits to my chiro. But just 15 mins of a session from Rui and it had cleared. More surprisingly, it didnt cramp up again during the following day. Just one more 15 min top up from Michael later in the week was all it needed to keep the rest of the tour pain free (well, for my back).

    Incredible. Thank you both!

    Clare Nicholls
  • I was sceptical about yet another miracle technique imported from the States but that scepticism was blown away within 15 minutes. These guys a great – no painful deep tissue massage just simple analysis and targeted treatment.

    Apparently these stretches trigger the muscle groups so they all work together.

    However it works it works. I did 8 days riding across the Alps and suffered no pain other than the indignity of cycling up hills at walking pace

    Julian Hough
  • I was going fine two thirds of the way through the 2013 Fireflies Tour. Of course there was my stiff lower back, the occasional shooting pain in my neck and half a dozen other aches, but after all, we were doing a thousand kilometres through the Alps….

    Nevertheless, I had a free afternoon to fix the bike, and I thought I’d give Integra a try. An hour later, I felt completely straightened out and aligned: Rui’s explanations made sense and I’m convinced the techniques he performed helped considerably for the rest of the ride. Highly recommended.

    Terry Bishop
  • I can’t tell you how relieved and pleased I am, to have had the Integra team’s skills and personalilties out in the Alpes with us. Having ridden the Fireflies Tour 3 times previously, I noticed an unquestionable difference physically – my legs felt fresh. I was stronger and faster and was able to put more motivation into pushing myself harder because I knew we had the team there to support and give treatment.

    I have been raving about Integra and I’ve been telling friends and family for the first time I felt like I could have cycled another 1000km in 8 days, physically no problem after working with integra.

    I am thrilled to have found some physical therapy that searches for the route of the problem to treat imbalances holistically and that I notice a difference with, immediately.

    Having seen the techniques work so dramatically, the idea of not stretching is less alien – and I have been finding research papers that suggest the same thing. Thank you for explaining simply what was going on with our bodies and what you were doing. Thank you for treating people at all hours of the day and night.

    Kat Spencer
  • I was intrigued by Integra’s approach and techniques they use, and fortunately was able to benefit from a full joint and muscle assessment before setting out on a very demanding charity cycle tour across the Alps in June 2013.

    The advance preparation and advice from Michael and Rui gave my confidence a huge boost and really paid off during the Fireflies event itself. Their personal attention to detail and focus on using a well balanced effort throughout, was much appreciated. Coupled of course with a friendly smile, great advice on maximising my performance and much encouragement along the way!

    Paul Adler
  • Working with Michael identified inconsistencies in my movement and muscle recruitment, for which he developed a plan for. I’ve made significant improvements in both my shoulder injury and my general physicality.

    Matti Puckridge
  • …improvements were instantly noticeable, and I’ve since worked with Roberta on resistance training where my strength has doubled. I come away from every session feeling like I’ve learnt something new. I went from suffering on short walks at the beginning of last year to running 12 mile obstacle courses by the summer.

    Charles Tantram
    Urban Fitness, London
  • It seems wrong to describe the service Integra offers as ‘personal training’ – given that the term can conjure up images of a beefy PT supervising your one-size-fits-all programme while checking himself out in the mirror or perusing his phone. But personal is exactly what this service is. Michael Goulden and his team offer a level of expertise, a breadth of knowledge and a depth of assessment and observation that you’d only assume was available to the elite athlete.

    Sam Murphy
    Author, Runner's World