At Integra we believe that a healthy body is the key to a happy life… we start with your joints and muscles, taking you through our process of restoring, improving, and maintaining your range of motion, strength, and stability.

We focus on designing exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. We improve one joint at a time, and as progression allows, we will incorporate more joints and muscles, with more complexity to the movements you perform.

  • Do you feel stiff, sore and suffer from tightness and pain?
  • Have you explored the traditional avenues of rehab, with no long-term success?
  • Are you looking for a long-term solution?

Developing a sustainable approach

Since we started in 1997, we’ve been dedicated to finding, challenging and developing the best ways to help our clients achieve their bravest goals. We are not content with offering a quick-fix solution, rather a made-to-measure program that will create long-term sustainable results, so that your health, fitness and strength can flourish

Discover rapid results that are long-lasting – your body in equilibrium, with muscles stronger and freer than you’d ever dare imagine. For more information on how we work and how we can help you achieve your goals, drop us a line.

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  • At DSA, we send lots of our athletes to Integra to get their injuries treated, and we get them back quicker and in great condition compared to other treatments our athletes had tried in the past.

    I highly recommend Integra for both injury recovery and performance enhancement.

    Dynamic Sports Academy
  • As a long-time sufferer of acute joint pain I am always a bit panicky about gyms: most either push me too hard or are scared of injuring me and don’t push me at all.

    What I found at Integra was a happy accident: I didn’t know much about the gym, but I felt like I could trust Michael and his team. I am so glad that I did – feeling as strong and pain-free as possible means I can focus more on actually living my life; and I have to thank Integra for this incredible gift!

    Sarah Thomson
  • I had become used to having this reccuring injury due to my back being weak. Michael quickly identified which muscles were not working and causing the pain in my back. He reactivated these muscles and combined with personal training helped me get stronger to ensure the injury didn’t reappear.

    My back pain has disappeared and I have not had this injury again in the past year.

    Carter A.
    Film Editor
  • Everything seems to be in full working order since we last met.

    In fact my right leg seems a lot stronger and there’s less hip clicking and tightness in the groin. I think we could be on to something!

    Amanda James
    Yoga Teacher
  • I always knew my joint and muscle issues probably stemmed from being slightly hyper-mobile with a relatively weak musculature but despite doing a variety of exercises and programmes over the years, the aches persisted. Over a course of sessions, the Integra team identified the weaker muscles and developed a plan to improve my strength. The results have been fantastic.

    Grace Toro
  • I no longer have to rely on painkillers everyday and I feel I am in control of managing my symptoms in a natural way. Gentle muscle manipulation as well as strengthening exercises have gradually helped to restore the balance in my back and hip to the point where I don’t get up out of bed everyday with a backache.

    Marcia French
  • Michael gets the best out of you because he’s always trying to look at the bigger picture, rather than just getting through that session.

    He’s thoughtful about his work, clever and versatile – which, for me, meant he was brilliant to work with both when we were working to improve my general fitness levels and when we were working on my recovery from a cycling accident.

    Anna Walsh
    Director/Founder, Strategy42
  • I’ve just completed my first barefoot half marathon. The 3 months previous to this I was seeing Michael who helped me gain new found strength in my hips, especially in my calves and feet. After a few sessions I felt I was able to push my running to the next level, allowing me to smash my PB!

    An added bonus: I noticed I was hitting the ball a lot further on the golf course, it’s just a shame he can’t sort out my putting!

    Dave V
  • Michael has managed to rectify the distortions of what 20 years of working in the fitness industry had done to my body.

    I began my sessions with Michael with limited movement around many joints and in daily pain and discomfort from overuse, injury and the consequential compensations. I was unable to run or resistance train without significant repercussions over the following week.

    I now have much improved, and pain-free, range of movement, I’m running twice a week without any issues and have begun a progressive resistance training programme for the first time in 10 years. Michael’s approach is thorough, logical and brilliant. Every fitness professional should have a Michael of their own!

    Julia Dalgleish
    Cybex Presenter & Master Trainer, UK
  • I feel great! I love Integra!

    I don’t feel pain or discomfort and what’s best is that the team make me aware of how my body works. I also know it’ll make it easier for me to concentrate on movement when I’m training.

    Juan Salazar
  • I was recommended to Integra by an excellent massage therapist at Triyoga who noticed that my posture was very much out of line. She convinced me that my regular gym and running activities would only continue to increase the damage.

    I had used personal trainers before, but with only limited improvements and was a little sceptical of how much Michael could help my posture. However, I decided one visit couldn’t hurt too much.

    I was both surprised and immediately appreciative at the end of the first session. Michael identified the extent of the problem and what would fix it. The exercises developed for me helped my back and neck feel so much better – they just felt so right! Michael is the best Personal Trainer I’ve ever worked with and I recommend him whole-heartedly.


    Patrick Meade
  • A good manual therapist is hard to find.

    I’ve tried many manual therapists being in the profession myself and find myself frustrated with the standards offered.

    Michael provides a thoughtful and professional approach towards his bodywork treatments, which are combined with corrective exercises; giving the best immediate and long term results for your body.

    Joyce Newman
    Massage Therapist
  • I have been coming to integra for 14 weeks now to see Rui for sessions. I’ve had problems with my left knee and right shoulder for 10 years or more. In this 10 years I had tried lots of different kinds of therapy (ranging from physiotherapy to egoscue method) but nothing worked. My injuries have caused considerable pain in my work as an electrician and in my personal life, where I have had to give up the sports and activities that i enjoy.

    I first came to Integra as they have common sense approach to realigning the body and decreasing my joint pain. It was slow progress at first but week after week it made a real difference and it is a lasting difference (unlike some other therapies that feel good for a while but have no long term benefits).

    Ian Kelsey
  • Training at Integra has literally changed my life!

    I came to see Rui Reis to treat plantarfasciitis at a point when I had lost all hope and felt more like 70 years than my actual 30 years old – any more than 10 minutes of walking caused extreme pain in my feet.

    Through weekly sessions, Rui identified areas/muscles which needed strengthening and together we worked to build these up. After a few months, I was able to remove the insoles/orthotics that I had previously relied on (and that made buying pretty shoes impossible!), and I am now able to walk longer distances without pain.

    Buying pretty shoes is again a possibility and I no longer feel like an old lady. The team at Integra is positive, knowledgeable and helpful, and weekly visits were not only beneficial, but fun. Integra has been instrumental in changing my body, my outlook and my life!

    Lauren Wilkie
    Yoga Teacher
  • I found Integra while looking for physiotherapists in London but I think the neuromuscular and strength training sessions here outdid what I have previously received via traditional physiotherapy. I arrived with a stiff and painful right ankle having injured it twice in 2 years and wanted to rectify it so that I could return to running.

    Not only did they help my ankle return to regular motion, they also helped strengthen different parts of my muscular system that have since helped my ankle improve.

    It feels great to not be limited anymore, to feel more comfortable running and have additional knowledge to help me achieve future fitness goals!

    Aditi Sadeqa Rao
  • …improvements were instantly noticeable, and I’ve since worked with Roberta on resistance training where my strength has doubled. I come away from every session feeling like I’ve learnt something new. I went from suffering on short walks at the beginning of last year to running 12 mile obstacle courses by the summer.

    Charles Tantram
    Urban Fitness, London
  • It seems wrong to describe the service Integra offers as ‘personal training’ – given that the term can conjure up images of a beefy PT supervising your one-size-fits-all programme while checking himself out in the mirror or perusing his phone. But personal is exactly what this service is. Michael Goulden and his team offer a level of expertise, a breadth of knowledge and a depth of assessment and observation that you’d only assume was available to the elite athlete.

    Sam Murphy
    Author, Runner's World