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At Integra we believe that a healthy body is the key to a happy life.

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Named one of London's top personal training studios by TimeOut, Integra is a personal training company that offers services in sustainable personal training, injury rehab, athletic performance and education services to the health & fitness industry.

Intelligent and thoughtful training programmes that are totally tailored to individual needs. The guys really care about their clients, they really make you feel at home from day one and most importantly they get results without destroying your body. The future of fitness.-- Andrew Beal

Whether you are looking to find a sustainable way to enhance your body and mind through exercise, get back to good health after an injury, or are a professional / recreational athlete who wants to enhance your performance; our process is designed to address your unique needs and develop a bespoke program that is just right for you.

What do we offer?

Personal Training

A client-defined approach to achieving your bravest goals.

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Injury Rehabilitation

When prescribed properly, exercise can be the single most powerful tool to enhance your health.

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Athletic Performance

By optimising your muscular system, we can see measurable improvements in your performance, whilst reducing your risk of injury.

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We love exploring personal training. From exercise mechanics, to communication, to nutrition, to understanding what it is that we really do (and it isn't just prescribing exercise).

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