Intelligent Personal Training

GQ Magazine: ‘Integra is unlike any other gym or exercise methodology I’ve ever encountered before.

They do almost no marketing, their exclusive list of clients mostly come in on word-of-mouth…’

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An integrated approach at Integra

  • Exercise built for your individual body, that feels just right
  • Nutritional habits that will help you reach your goals
  • Mindful approaches to help you get the best out of life
  • Recovery strategies to ensure continual progression
  • Naturally-lit, fully-equipped private studio

Designed especially for you, unlimited support and guidance for continual progression and sustainable results.

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  • Integra’s team of highly professional and friendly team of experts are great at developing an all encompassing individual plan of exercises and treatment.

    Since starting with them, I’ve got PBs from 5k up to marathon, and I certainly credit a lot of this improvement to working with them. I thoroughly recommend them.

    Stuart Farmer
  • At DSA, we send lots of our athletes to Integra to get their injuries treated, and we get them back quicker and in great condition compared to other treatments our athletes had tried in the past.

    I highly recommend Integra for both injury recovery and performance enhancement.

    Dynamic Sports Academy
  • As a long-time sufferer of acute joint pain I am always a bit panicky about gyms: most either push me too hard or are scared of injuring me and don’t push me at all.

    What I found at Integra was a happy accident: I didn’t know much about the gym, but I felt like I could trust Michael and his team. I am so glad that I did – feeling as strong and pain-free as possible means I can focus more on actually living my life; and I have to thank Integra for this incredible gift!

    Sarah Thomson
  • Great team of very knowledgeable professionals, who totally changed my outlook on training and helped me put a plan in place to reach my goals.

    Thoroughly recommend Integra.

    Carolina Vicente
  • I have trained with trainers for a long time now and some of the things Michael has got me to do (stopping all stretching one!) were a little different from what I am used to, but I trusted him and the results speak for themselves.

    My bodyfat has gone down, I definitely feel fitter and have more energy.

    I really like the fact that Michael isn’t like your usual Personal Trainer, he is very laid back and doesn’t have the arrogance I have experienced before. I would definitely recommend Michael.

    Kelly D.
  • Unlike most people, I’m not training to reach a specific objective; I just want to maintain a decent level of fitness and I know that training helps with my performance at work (I work long hours, in a demanding environment that requires a high level of concentration.

    Working with Michael ensures that I know I won’t get injured, his attention to my technique is key and it’s good for my motivation as I don’t need to deal with the usual gym and health club issues

    Fund Manager