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What is the Integra NVC Workshop? 

The Integra NVC Workshop is a practical training program that teaches participants the core principles and skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Through a blend of theory, exercises, and real-life applications, attendees learn how to enhance empathy, understanding, and respect in their communications. The workshop provides a safe space to practice these skills through role-plays, discussions, and personal reflection.

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How can NVC help me?


How can NVC help me?

Learning NVC can positively impact various aspects of your life:

  • Professional: Improve collaboration, resolve conflicts, and foster a positive work environment. NVC skills are especially valuable in creative industries where effective teamwork and client relations are crucial.
  • Personal: Manage personal relationships with increased understanding and reduced conflict. NVC can improve family dynamics, friendships, and partnerships.
  • Individual: Increase self-awareness and self-compassion. NVC helps you better understand and respond to your own emotions and needs.

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Why NVC?


Why NVC?

NVC is more than just a communication technique - it's a transformative approach that changes how we think about our interactions. During the workshop, you will explore:

  • Empathy and Connection: NVC teaches you to listen empathetically and connect deeply with others, which is essential in building strong, healthy relationships.
  • Clarity and Assertiveness: It enables you to express your thoughts and needs clearly and assertively without causing offence or escalating conflicts.
  • Emotional Intelligence: It enhances your ability to understand and manage your emotions as well as perceive and respond to the emotions of others.

Who is this workshop for?


Who is this workshop for?

The Integra NVC Workshop is suitable for anyone looking to improve their communication and relationship skills, both personally and professionally, including:

  • Creative professionals navigating collaborative projects
  • Business leaders and managers looking to enhance team dynamics
  • Individuals seeking personal growth and improved relationships
  • Educators and healthcare professionals connecting with students and patients

No prior experience with NVC is required. The workshop is appropriate for beginners and those experienced in communication training.

Create a human approach to communication.


Create a human-centred approach to communication.

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Facilitator: Cath Burke

Date: 22-23 Jun 2024

TIme: 9.30-16.00

Location: Integra HQ

Prerequisites: None

Over this two-day workshop, we will:

Over this two-day workshop, we will:

Pay in Full

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  • Learn the four components of NVC: observations, feelings, needs, and requests
  • Practice expressing with clarity and listening to others with empathy
  • Explore how to apply NVC in personal and professional contexts
  • Engage in discussions, role-plays, and reflective exercises to integrate the learning

NVC Workshop

NVC Workshop

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